The North Lambton Community Health Centre is a non-profit, community-governed organization that provides primary health care, health promotion and community development services to Lambton County.

We view health as a state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

Latest News

Canadian Index of Wellbeing 

November 24, 2016

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) released its national report on Tuesday. The main message is that there is a massive gap between how well the economy is doing and Canadians' wellbeing ΜΆ and the gap is growing. The report calls for a stronger focus on "upstream" health promotion and expanded access to the Community Health Centre model. You can read the full report, key messages and our official statement for more information. 


Your Feedback into Action!

Patient Experience Survey - 2015/16

We heard your survey comments about appointment wait times and provider consistency.  Here are things we are working on to make your experience better:

Appointment Wait Times:

  1. We are trying something new with our providers’ schedules in order to have more appointments available when people need them. 
  2. Due to popular demand, we are continuing to expand group visits!  There are now more times available for well-baby clinics at the Forest site.  The same clinics will also be offered at the West Lambton Site in Sarnia soon.

Provider Continuity:

  1. We are working on matching people to the same doctor/nurse practitioner at each visit.  As always, we continue to work as a team and you are able to see any provider if you can’t see your usual doctor/nurse practitioner when you are sick.




NLCHC: Celebrating 20 Years of Wellness