Diabetes Education Program

Is a service funded by the Erie St. Clair LHIN to provide education and support to assist in the management and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.

Our motto, "Meals! Monitor! Move-it!" encourages holistic diabetes care including healthy eating, self-monitoring and regular physical activity.

Services Offered

Individual counseling sessions may be arranged with a registered nurse and or a registered dietitian for people living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. We provide services to individuals who are newly diagnosed as well as those who have been living with diabetes or pre-diabetes for years.

Peer prevention workers are also key members of our team. They assist with diabetes screening events and facilitate a variety of classes throughout the year. Their goal is to increase awareness about the risk factors and health complications associated with diabetes. They also provide education about prevention.

Classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cooking Classes - try new, healthy recipes and enjoy support from others.
  • Carbohydrate Counting - learn the basics of carbohydrate counting.
  • Label Reading - learn the basics of label reading.
  • Sweet Feet - learn how to properly care for your feet.
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tours - learn more about making healthy choices at the store.
  • Pattern Management - learn more about monitoring your blood sugar, identifying patterns and knowing when and where to find help.
  • Exercise Classes
  • Craving Change™ - learn more about why we eat the way we do and explore the various factors that could be triggering your food cravings.
  • Support Groups - enjoy the support of others who are also living with diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  • Diabetes Group Medical Visits - visit with the doctor, diabetes nurse and diabetes dietitian in a friendly group setting. Have all of your needs addressed in one visit. Available to rostered clients of the CHC only.

Our programming schedule changes throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

Looking for something else?

We are happy to tailor programs based on your group, organization or communitys' needs. Examples include:

  • Diabetes Screening Events
  • Diabetes Information Sessions
  • Healthy Eating Information Sessions
  • Diabetes In-Services

Where Are Our Services Offered?

Programs and services are offered in Forest, Kettle Point, Sarnia and Watford. We also offer programs and services at our outreach locations: Wyoming, Thedford, Arkona, Camlachie, Corunna and Aamjwnaang.

"A peer is someone of similar status, rank, class…equal to another in abilities. That is what we strive to be with those we come in contact with. We try to be positive and provide helpful support as they [clients] make small changes to improve their health. Not everyone is ready for change and that's okay. We accept everyone wherever they are in the process, and we are privileged to be part of their journey to wellness."

Quote from one of our peer workers

All programs are free. Self-referrals are accepted.

For more information or to pre-register please call:

  • Forest: (519) 786-4545 Ext. 307
  • Sarnia: (519) 344-3017 Ext. 259